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Kalileo Release Notes

Release note 2.1.2

by Steeve Cayla the Sep 09, 2011 11:04


  • Added expandAll/CollapseAll methods
  • Enabled tooltip display on drag
  • Improved table documentation especially how to deal with renderers and custom factory
  • Added "disableRelayoutOnExpandCollapse" property to block relayout when we collapse/expand the graph
  • Improved "handling decorators rendering" documentation
  • Added CoordinatesUtils.getSpriteListUnderPoint() method
  • Refactored CoordinatesUtils.getSpriteUnderPoint() method
  • Improved getBitmapData ASDoc
  • Ability to save a graph to XML without node size embeded


  • When adding new link between a node and group, try to apply the hierarchical layout, the link is not added correctly
  • isExpanded gives an error or bad results
  • The alpha of an added link is set to "0" by default. So when we highlight the link, it disappears
  • When we select a group within its children (nodes) and try to add group them, all nodes will be attached to the new group , and the origin group will be empty and group with them
  • Browser crashes with a cyclic node on orthogal layout
  • Custom layouts printed 2 times when Visualizer.getBitmapData() is called with property "printAllLayers"
  • DropAction changes node's position on drop
  • DiagrammerResponseEvent.NODE_CREATION_RESPONSE event not removed on DropAction
  • Changed groupHorizontalPadding property name to groupHeaderLabelHorizontalPadding
  • LayoutConstants.getLayout() returns an empty string for animated organic layout

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